Septuplets! is a 2016 family comedy-drama film directed by director of the Clique, Michael Lambeck.


A set of fraternal septuplets start on a new adventure.



The SeptupletsEdit

  • Maggie Elizabeth Jones as Karsyn, leader of the septuplets and the oldest of the 11-year-old septuplets
  • Jakob Davies as Robert, Karsyn's septuplet brother who was fraternal
  • Hope Fleury as Katie, Karsyn's other septuplet sister
  • Alana Mansour as Jayda
  • Elsie Fisher as Katie
  • Griffin Kane as Beck, the youngest of the septuplets
  • Nolan Gross as Richard

The Septuplets' FamilyEdit

  • Laura Dern as Stephaine
  • Zachary Levi as Richard
  • Avey Noble as Stevie
  • Mia Talerico as Bailey

The CousinsEdit

  • Dylan O'Brien as Brandon
  • Kendall Applegate as Aria
  • Charlene Giesler as Allie

The OthersEdit

  • Kaitlyn Maher as Mary-Anne, Karsyn's friend