Second Kill 2: Rage (2019 film) Action, Crime, film..,,,
Second Kill 2: Rage (2019 film)
Directed by Mark WahIberg (director/story by)
Produced by

Chloe Walter (executive producer)

Denia Swaby Ortiz (producer)
Music by John Debney (music by)
Production company Liongates (U.S)
Distributed by

Saban Films (U.S)

Universal Pictures
Country US


  • Arley Swaby as Will Curtis, Sr.
  • No Unseen Mentioned Actor as Willy Curtis Jr.
  • Nolberto Swaby as Jared Curtis, Will's arrested uncle.
  • Ricardo Swaby Rivers as Lt. Jake Howell (villain)..,, Martin's son.
  • Yourails Swaby as Diane Watler, Will's and Jared's cousin.
  • Terry Pennyworth as Javier Beeman..,, Will's son.
  • Yanet Swaby as Lt. Kim Beeman (flashbacks); Will's friend, former corrupted cousin.
  • Giovanni Swaby as Gerard, Will's cousin.
  • Yaselito Hernandez as Jimmy. Will’s Cousin.
  • Ron Swaby as Ruby Kimmy (villain).,,
  • Anthony Chin Jr. as Kenny J.; Will's and Jared's ex-friend.
  • Rudy Ebanks as, Frank, Will's boss.
  • Yamile Ortiz as Jess, Jared's deceased ex-wife.
  • Shaniel Swaby as Sara, Jared's wife and Will's aunt-in-law.